Meet Bodwell Alumni Judo Champion, Mikhail Beridze

Mikhail Beridze is a Bodwell alumni who graduated in 2010. He went to SAIT in Alberta to study petroleum engineering. During his time at Bodwell Mikhail, originally from Georgia, was known as a very energetic and sociable guy who happened to be incredibly strong and good at wrestling and Judo.

While he was at Bodwell, staff would often take Mikhail to Judo competitions where he would compete above his weight and age class (see old footage from YouTube in 2009 below).

Since leaving Bodwell, Mikhail has dedicated himself even more to Judo. Recently he has competed and won the following medals all at 90kg and under in 2016:

Pacific International 2016 (Bronze Medal) РThis contest is an international competition featuring athletes from Japan, the US and Canada. Mikhail narrowly lost to the winner, Kento Taira from Japan. Results can be found at here

Alberta Provincial Championships 2016 (Champion) Results can be found at here

Saskatchewan Open Senior Men 2016 (Champion) Results can be found at here

Congratulations to Mikhail for his dedication and achievement and thanks for visiting the school to show off his medals, which you can see in the photos to the right where he is pictured visiting the school cafeteria during the Maslenitsa celebration (above) and with our Russian speaking Marketing Manager, Polina (below).

Mikhail competing for Bronze at the 2015 Edmonton International Judo Championships.

Video of Mikhail competing during his Bodwell days in 2009.

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